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Caregiving in the Modern Age: Top 6 Apps for Adult Caregivers

Mar 7, 2024

“There’s an app for that.”

We’ve all heard that phrase since the rise of the smartphone and other portable devices. Whether it’s groceries, dating or fitness—and now caregiving—there seems to be an app for everything. But with great abundance comes great responsibility. Although many choices exist, quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.

Overseeing someone’s in-home care is already demanding, so finding the right tech tools to help you better manage your day might not be on your radar. Maybe you’re in charge of two households instead of one, working a full-time job or having a family of your own. With plenty of responsibilities, you want to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

The good news is we’ve curated a list of apps for family caregivers to help you now.


Carely (For Communication, Coordination)

Ideal for tag-team caregiving, Carely allows invited users to communicate and coordinate caregiver duties and track activities and appointments through a shared calendar. Like a social networking app, families can share photos of their loved ones, comment and direct message others. Additionally, elder caregivers can leverage the app to request and share information from a loved one’s care team and explore local caregiving resources.


Caring Village (For Communication, Coordination, Medication Management)

Caring Village makes caring for an aging loved one easier, safer and less stressful. Families can easily communicate, collaborate and coordinate caregiving activities through the app. You can build your personalized “village” by inviting other family members, friends, neighbors or professional caregivers to share in the care.

You can also keep track of appointments and medications, update or check in on the day-to-day status of a loved one via the app’s Wellness Journal, use secure messaging between village members, upload important documents and identification cards, and prepare for the unexpected by using its preparedness checklists.


Lotsa Helping Hands (For Communication, Coordination, Emotional Support)

With Lotsa Helping Hands, it’s all about building a community. From friends and neighbors to other family members and a loved one’s care team, Lotsa empowers adult caregivers to create a community of support. Users can schedule and sign up for tasks like meal delivery and rides to appointments or use the Well Wishes feature to send supportive messages to the family. Other features like Announcements and Photo Gallery provide ways to stay updated and share milestones and memories.


InsightTimer (For Emotional Support)

At some point on your caregiving journey, you’ve probably wondered, “How can I be a good caregiver for elderly?” And the answer is simpler than you think: You need a little TLC, too. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. InsightTimer is a well-being app designed for anyone seeking support, offering guided meditations, calming music, breathwork techniques, live yoga classes and inspirational quotes. It can help build healthy habits, but most importantly, it empowers family caregivers like you to make time for themselves.


Medisafe (For Medication Management, Health Trackers, Coordination)

Medisafe makes the medication experience easy and accessible. The complete medication management tool helps you track your loved one’s medication doses and schedules in one convenient location. You can also set automatic notifications when it’s time to order a refill and reminders for upcoming appointments.

If your loved one takes multiple meds, the app’s drug interaction warning feature notifies you if two or more meds can produce an adverse reaction. For added convenience, Medisafe has 90+ trackers available to track weight, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure, to name just a few. Users can also access the most recent and in-depth information on various conditions, including Afib, COPD, mental health, cholesterol, epilepsy, migraines, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and more.


ianacare (For Communication, Coordination, Emotional Support)

Because caregivers are at a greater risk of stress and burnout, ianacare (“Iana” is short for I am not alone) delivers the practical and emotional support they need. Like the apps we’ve mentioned above, ianacare allows caregivers (or organizers) to invite people to a private group to coordinate help and post updates about the care recipient.

ianacare promotes physical and mental well-being by providing high-quality expert content and connecting elderly caregivers like you with support groups and communities.

The centralized platform enables caregivers to request and receive support without feeling like a burden. They can share help requests for tasks like meals and groceries, companion care, child and pet care and other errands, assign tasks and maintain a shared calendar.


Staying Connected

Caregiving apps can help you stay organized and on task; they also empower you to leverage your “community” to continue providing the best possible senior care for your loved one—and yourself. It’s important to remember that, although technology can help ease some of the stress you feel, apps like the ones on this list are merely starting points.

When caregiving becomes too overwhelming or unmanageable, it might be time to start a conversation and consider a community like CedarStone for your loved one. We know it can be challenging to ask for help, but you are not alone.

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