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Exploring Dining Options in Senior Living

May 4, 2023

Senior living‘s traditional meal approach has changed in response to emerging trends focusing on health, wellness and food sources.

Providing high-end culinary experiences and dietary amenities to Senior Living residents, CedarStone is part of a new wave of senior living communities leading the charge for tastier, healthier food options. We provide residents with first-class restaurant-style dining; multiple venue options; and the new Allegra Bistro, now open to the public.

Keep reading to learn how CedarStone enhances the quality of life for our senior living residents through delicious food.

An Array of Dining Options

A wide variety of dining options are available at CedarStone, with the dining experience tailored to the needs and preferences of all our senior living residents. You can dine in restaurant-style dining rooms at CedarStone, or grab a bite to go in the Allegra Bistro, which is now open to the public. Whatever you choose, you’ll find world-class cuisine, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and much more in our cutting-edge dining program.

Senior living communities increasingly offer resort-style amenities along with venue and menu variety. A few of these amenities are:

Restaurant-Style Dining

Senior living communities are often portrayed as having crowded cafeterias with stale buffet-style dining. By contrast, CedarStone’s dining rooms feature on-the-spot service from dedicated staff, artfully plated meals, beautiful dining venues, and a variety of menus from which to choose.

A Convenient To-Go Option

Whether you’re headed for a fun weekend out of town or attending one of CedarStone’s many events or activities, stop by the public Allegra Bistro for a quick bite or drink. We’d love to have you! 

Fresh Farm-to-Table Ingredients.

In recent years, seniors have become increasingly interested in menus that feature fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients. In retirement communities, local sourcing has become a standard practice as a result of the desire for higher-quality foods and to support local farms. At CedarStone, we source everything we can from the local environment, making your meals fresh, local and delectable. 

Dining at CedarStone

CedarStone provides many reasons you should make your kitchen your least-used room. Of course, every CedarStone residence has a full kitchen so you can cook up your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But remember that as a resident, you can sit back and enjoy a delicious meal in our Heritage Dining Room, Alta Private Dining Room for special occasions, Allegra Bistro, or Bistro Coffeehouse. Come for a coffee, pastry or a snack, and enjoy a little “you time” on one of our outdoor patios. 

Whatever your tastes, CedarStone’s dining has enough options to keep your taste buds dancing.

CedarStone: Refreshingly Unexpected.

CedarStone Senior Living is a community nestled in the Greenhill Village Estates neighborhood in Cedar Falls, IA. We offer Carefree Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Learn more about CedarStone’s dining options today.