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How To Prepare Your Parent for Touring an Assisted Living Community

Jan 5, 2023

You probably know your parent better than anyone, and you have insight into how much assistance they require on a daily basis to live safely and with the fulfillment they deserve. You can help prepare for a smooth transition to Assisted Living by touring a community together. This will help your parent feel that you’re in it together.

No doubt you’ve got questions about where to begin. Read on to learn all about how to best prepare your parent for touring an Assisted Living community.

Planning for Your Assisted Living Tour

You’re on a mission to find the best Assisted Living community for your parent by gathering all the information you can. It’s important to take a tour to get a sense of the community’s atmosphere and see the benefits of Assisted Living firsthand. Consider the following tips to make the most of a tour of an Assisted Living community for your parent.

  • Discuss expectations.
    While touring a community with your parent, it’s your responsibility to help them understand how all the things they see will be available to them once they move. Are they interested in visiting the Assisted Living community, fitness center, campus, or eating in the dining room? Meeting people, exploring the surroundings, and experiencing Assisted Living firsthand are all part of living on campus.
  • Decide who will join the tour.
    Speak to your parents about who should be invited to the tour. One or more of your siblings or your parent’s friends may be a good choice. 
  • List the questions you would like to ask.
    Take the time to discuss your parent’s questions with them so you’re prepared to bring a list with you. You can always contact your tour guide after the tour if you have any further questions. No question is too big or too small! Here are a few common ones:

      • What services are provided for Assisted Living residents?
      • What floor plans are available in Assisted Living?
      • What is the fee structure?
      • Is the nursing staff available 24/7?
      • What will happen if higher levels of care are needed in the future?
      • Does the community provide health care on site?
      • Can residents keep their current doctors?
      • Can residents bring their furniture?
      • Are pets allowed?
      • Are transportation services available?
      • Is there a full-service salon/barbershop?
      • Are housekeeping and laundry services included?
      • What are the dining options for Assisted Living residents?
      • How many meals are included in the monthly fee?
      • Are meal plans customizable to accommodate special dietary needs?
      • Are private dining options available for special occasions and family events?

  • Make a note of deal-breakers and things that impressed you.
    A tour is an excellent way to experience all the supportive lifestyle perks your parent would gain from a move to Assisted Living. For example, some residents consider pet-friendliness a top priority when choosing an Assisted Living community. Brainstorm a list of features in the “nice-to-have” and “deal-breakers” categories.
  • Plan for what’s next.
    Before scheduling your first tour (or subsequent tours), talk with your parent about expectations and next steps. Some questions to ask include:
      • What’s the ideal time frame for deciding on the move to Assisted Living?
      • Are you planning to tour more than one community?
      • Following our tour, are you ready to decide if there are no deal-breakers?
      • In case you’re not yet ready to relocate after touring an Assisted Living community, what do you see as the next steps?
  • When possible, give it as much time as possible.
    Your parent may need some space and time to come to a decision they are comfortable with. Once you’ve regrouped with your parent, use everything mentioned above to wait until the time is right to broach the topic of senior living once more.

Assisted Living at CedarStone Senior Living

When transitioning to an Assisted Living community, your parent may encounter concerns and questions. Our goal at CedarStone is to help you and your parent make informed choices about their living environment, both now and in the future.

At CedarStone, seniors choose from a lifestyle full of social activities, wellness programming, reliable care, and community outings to help them have fun and stay engaged. And as part of our Assisted Living services, we provide compassionate care to help seniors with all the activities of daily living. 

In Assisted Living at CedarStone, family members can rest assured their loved one is safe, eating well, socializing, and receiving the care they need in a supportive environment. And should your loved one – or ones – require additional care, those services can be added to your wellness plan in your current independent apartment, without needing to move to another on-site residence. This can be especially helpful for couples with differing care needs.

Assisted Living in Cedar Falls, IA

CedarStone Senior Living is a community nestled in the Greenhill Village Estates neighborhood in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We offer Carefree Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Learn more about Assisted Living today.